Sacred Fane

When the Western Realms of Dais were formed by the Holy Pulpit, they all transposed from a single location on Eris, now known as the Sacred Fane.


A temple to nearly each and every god of the Holy Pulpit can be found in this location, no matter their alignment, though some temples are constantly being destroyed by opposing religions. A great temple rests in the middle of the Fane to the three deities of the Trinity. A cleric of each god is present in each temple, as well as several acolytes to aid in the daily rites, which, when not performed, can result in great peril for the deity’s followers.

The temples are guarded by an amalgamation of militia and a handful of paladins from various religions, with a half dozen coming from Taurus. They act as peacekeepers between the religions as well as for pilgrims to the holy site.

Sacred Fane

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